Welcome to The Meadows at Lake Norman

Our hobby of competing with our 100% German stock, world recognized, solid black German Shepherds has turned into a passion.  All of our incredible dogs come from the Paska line and originate from Europe.  For detailed information on our main competition dog and what makes us unique, call to see when you can visit us.

V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, SchH3, Kkl1, FH1

Kennel of the Meadows

Picture below is of our main stud dog, V Unkas vom Riedschlurgi, SchH3, KK1, FH1

Unkas was the main stud dog for 2 years at the world famous Salztalblick Kennels in Germany, also the home of his famous father, V Paska vom Salztalblick.  All our breeders are SchH3, V rated, KK1 dogs.  In fact, we use the best of Mendalian genetics and only breed the top dogs, and only breed 2 -3 on Paska to duplicate this incredible dog.  And Unkas is his finest son and one of the few “registered” Stud Dogs in Germany.  Unkas is a “once in a lifetime” dog.  Visit us and see for yourself why we believe he’s the finest stud dog in the USA and why we are quickly gaining a reputation for producing the absolute best in the black competition German Shepherds.  Sometimes, we may have puppies available for sale as well.